Dogs and cats

 Lets face it, you are going to tell us the exact look or training ability of the animal you want, or a few options. Let us know what that is and we will present you with options.



Our exotics are not in house, they live with their handlers at licensed facilities or sanctuaries. We have access to any animal you need and we make sure it has been properly cared for.

Rescue Program

The animal you are looking for is out there. With the help of local rescues and shelters, we will find it. Once rescued we rehabilitate and train, then find the animal a loving home to adopt it. This helps to save many animal's lives. If you consider this option, it can come with good press if you choose.


Disclaimer- POQ will only work with animals that are trained properly and live in a loving home. We will not force animals that do not want to be on set. Its unnecessary stress on an animal and there are MANY out there that like to work that we can find you to get the perfect shot. If you have any questions please call or e-mail us.