How It Started

As a puppy, Charlie returned to the Charlie Dogpound repeatedly, having four homes, and was almost euthanized because no one could handle him. In 2014, Colleen met him when he was approximately 10 months old at a NYC kill shelter, realized he was deaf, and immediately adopted and trained him.

Charlie now knows 50 signs in American Sign language (ASL) and is a therapy dog. After numerous inquiries about their transformation, Colleen started getting offers to book gigs in New York Fashion Week (NYFW), with the Huffingston Post, Buzzfeed, and numerous commercials and major magazines. A few saw what Charlie was doing and wanted to do it too. That’s when Colleen had the idea to help them manage their careers and develop a niche into an entire industry.

What Sets Pets On Q Apart

Pets on Q started because of our love and dedication for animals and their well being.  In today's entertainment industry, there is no guarantee for an animal's safety and welfare. Pets on Q is committed to changing how the entertainment industry collaborates with our amazing pet/animal community.  With our new methodology, we are able to provide a trusting and safe environment for all animals. 

Pets on Q not only wants our animals to thrive, but also for the brands we work with, as well.  With our new and patented booking platform, brands will be able to browse through our carefully selected animals, examine their detailed analytics, and make offers based on our proprietary algorithm. 

Whether we are training industry professionals on using our booking platform, pitching potential talent to brands, photographing animals for licensing, or casting animals for set work, our mission is to create and sustain a trusted synergy between the entertainment industry and animals. 

As stated in our mission statement, we are committed to "revolutionizing the animal industry by making the world a better place, one animal at a time", and we take it to heart every day.



Colleen Pets on QI am often asked "How did you get into this?" and the only answer I give is, “naturally.” As a kid, if a cat ran up a tree or squirrel fell out of one, I was the one that got the call to help. A neighbor got a puppy and at 12 was calling me to help. I had a natural connection to animals.

I started out my career as a private mortgage banker in the top producing office in the country. I was the youngest banker in NYC and often mistaken for an assistant. Working as one of a few women bankers in a fast tracked, high-stress, finance career was amazing but was not fulfilling.

As an outlet, I tapped into my love for animals and started fostering dogs from kill shelters. I rescued a large mutt from a shelter who was minutes away from euthanasia due to his aggression issues. I trained him myself, and subsequently attracted some attention. Then Charlie came and the vision of Pets on Q was established after I saw the bad side of the industry.

There was a need for a change to protect the animals and put their needs first. They can make money in the comfort of their own home. Yes, there are people out there who exploit animals and we are trying to change that through the work we do. My goal is to build the company and eventually operate an animal sanctuary.



Melissa - Pets on QI moved to Los Angeles from Utah years ago with my husband and young daughter in order to pursue my dreams of stage and screen stardom.... and promptly got a "day job" to make ends meet - a lucrative career in Mortgage Finance that would span over fifteen years.

This is where I met Colleen and learned about Pets on Q. Each day, as I went over income spreads and chased down appraisals, I would hear her talking about transporting a sloth for a commercial or booking a famous animal for print work, and it would interest me more. One day, I decided to take the plunge and started working with Colleen a few days a week on Pets on Q business, while still maintaining my day job. I soon retired from finance in June 2017 and have never looked back.

Currently, we are focused on building our talent roster with the most famous animals on the planet, while delivering content to our clients that surpasses expectations. This, coupled with a major focus on animal rescue and promoting the ideal of putting animals first, is why I decided to completely switch industries and go all-in for Pets on Q.





Danielle - Pets on QDanielle Motley is our new EVP of Brand Partnerships. She comes to us from Petfluence, a brand-faced pet marketing company where she led the entire program.

Danielle has an extensive background in account and campaign management, as well as copywriting. She has transcended many different verticals and was elated to land in the pet space starting in 2018. She loves the brand-facing, campaign management and creative aspects of pet influencer marketing. Priding herself on her acute attention to detail, Danielle plans to help Pets on Q transition into a brand-facing role and streamline campaigns, whilst maintaining her personalized and meticulous approach that her previous brand partners have adored. Owning two cats of her own and rescuing a menagerie of animals since she was a young girl in North Carolina, Danielle hopes to open an animal sanctuary for animals in need.


Mary Kate

Mary Kate - Pets on QMary Kate is the Sales Specialist for the West Coast, Asia and Australian regions on the Pets Q Team! 

She is a California native, die hard Lakers fan, and mother to four fur children. After finishing her Communications degree, she moved to Australia to work and live for a year with her now husband. They travelled in a van for three of those months, to explore the natural world of rural parts in Australia! 

Shortly after returning home, she honed in on her love for sales and marketing, and worked in the event and luxury travel industry. Excelling as the top salesperson by creating new business, and maintaining lasting client relationships. 

Mary Kate has always had a passion for animals; growing up around horses, feeding cows on her grandparents farm, and now taking care of her one dog, Zero, and three cats, Penny, Roo, and Lela! 

Mary Kate's love for animals and competitive nature makes her a great addition to the team! You will always see a smile on her face! 



Eric - Pets on Q

I started my career building and maintaining viral content. After running many successful channels reaching upwards of 15 million views a month, I decided the content I was making can make a difference.

That is why I am so excited to be working at Pets on Q where I am working with not only influencers but rescues who want to educate the masses and save more animals. It combines my love of filming creative content, editing, working with animals, truly giving back and saving animal lives.





Cathy - Pets on QCathys background is in engineering and business, and She has worked in sales and run accounting departments for several small companies.  Pets on Q is by far the most fun and interesting business to be associated with, and she is excited to be part of their growth.

She owned dogs my whole life, but my recent favorite is my Basenji, a  barkless African hound.




Dave - Pets on Q

A 35+ year high-tech professional, Dave is an MIT Technology Leadership Member, CEO of DocuFi and HAIvia, and has extensive experience in building and scaling successful software companies. With long standing experiences in the data science of mining and extraction, Dave has developed applications from data capture on the front-end to data engineering and analysis on the back-end. His latest platform delivers extensive healthcare data analytics. Dave has developed platforms for companies large and small, including IBM, Nuance, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Xerox, Kodak, Autodesk, eCopy, OCE, Kyocera Mita, Accela Government Systems. Dave is the author of numerous technology white papers and has hands-on global experience.



 At this time we recently filled all of our open positions, check back as we continue to grow Pets on Q !

Thank you and have a great day.